Saturday, 8 March 2014

Word Art: GINS 8

The assignment we were given:
Today your challenge is threefold.
First, must select from your GINS novel what you believe to be the MOST POWERFUL quotation. This quotation should tell us something about the issue! This is your chance to refresh your knowledge of the novel in preparation for our final task next week.

Second, turn that quotation into a striking piece of word art. You may only use one piece of standard-sized paper, AND you only have 80 minutes. Make sure to include the page number of where you found the quotation in an unobtrusive area of your word art.

Third, publish your word art on your litspiration blog as a new post and provide your readers with a brief explanation (1-2 paragraphs). Explain why you choose the quotation you did AND why you made the artistic choices you did for your word art piece. It’s probably easiest to upload your word art as a picture, so that means it has to be a .jpg. Please ask one of your teachers for help if you need it!

To submit this assignment, copy and paste a link to your published litspiration blog post and submit.                       

I chose the quotation, “Their poppy field was prettier when the flowers were in bloom. All pink and white or purple. It wasn’t so pretty now that the petals had dropped off and blown away, although the round heads on top of the tall slender stems were beautiful in their own way. Tahmina liked the way they bobbed in the wind.” (Page 12) I chose this quote because I felt that it best represented the major overarching idea that Deborah Ellis tried to bring out from the story. The message being that although the poppies and the opium were merely an income source for Tahmina and her family, it did in turn have a negative impact on several thousand people in Europe. Heroin, made majorly using opium is a deadly drug that has lifelong lasting impacts on many individuals worldwide. Although Tahmina, her father or other members of her family were not aware that their simple action of growing opium would be the cause of death of several people around the world that is the cold, bitter truth. Sometimes the way we view things is not always now other individuals view them. This was one of the major things that I took away from the story. I felt that throughout the story, Lunch with Lenin, this theme was continued as Ellis chose to talk largely about the impact your actions could in turn have on others. Actions that play out to look completely harmless to you at the time but go on to leave someone else's life in ruins. The artistic choice I chose to make represent that many things in life are two-faced. How we might view something isn't always how someone else views it. The same way, poppies can be viewed in two ways. As beautiful flowers that they do transform into and become, or as opium; all ready to be harvested and transformed into heroin. This was the major artistic statement I was trying to make while putting emphasis on some of the key words in the quote and making it look all glamourous.

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