Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post 7 - Exploring Empathy

Empathy is defined as the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.

The GINS novel study was designed to help you understand the human condition around the globe, and build empathy for others. In order to explore this idea, you will free write for an allotted period of time from the perspective of the main player/character in your novel.

Consider the following to help guide this creative process:
What does daily life look like for your character?
How can you most effectively communicate the issue(s) facing your character in such a brief piece?
What strategies can you employ to engage your audience?

This post should be completed as a post on your listpiration blog. Please submit the link to your published post!

We were given about 20 minutes to Free Write about the topic

Free Write:
As the oldest I am responsible for the well being and the social security of my family. Being a girl of course, this is not easy but I love doing it. I love helping out father out in the open harvesting opium from our large opium fields. I cannot wait for the opium to finally fully blossom so we can harvest it and then sell it, We will finally be debt free after this. I love harvesting opium, I love cutting open the flower and collecting the white liquid that then oozes out. I have to be careful of course to not spill any of it as the white liquid for us is money. When the police come and shut down our opium fields, I am frozen to my spot, with a million thoughts rushing through my head. “What will we do now?” How will we eat? How will father pay back the debt?” I am unable to process that our biggest income and more importantly our biggest support for life has just been snatched away. Moreover I am not able to understand why as it all happened so quickly. Father, I am sure is just as shocked to learn that what was one the major root to our living has been taken away from us. As father, being the oldest in the family tries to process the fact that we have to arrange for something else and that too quickly, I try to recover from the bomb that has just been dropped upon my family. The next morning, father comes into the house, with a sad smile plastered onto his face; I approach him slowly awaiting what is yet to come. He doesn't say anything for a while and just stands there watching me intently. I look up at him and ask him what’s happened? And he replies and informs me that our worries have come to an end as he has found a solution to this tragic disaster. I instantly light up and go in to give him a hug, he hugs back, tight and firmly. If only, I knew what was put in store for me. My father, my brother and I head off to the market. Only if I knew what I was headed towards. When we got to the market I found out what lay ahead for me, my future sprawled in front of me. I was being sold, sold to a man I did not know before today. Sold. My mind, and my body handed over to another man.

I did not get to go into as much detail as I would've liked because of the time limit.

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