Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Gins Post 6/Task 3 - Create Your Own Charter for the World!

Global Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Created by: Haniya, Jack, Darren and Lily 

         While creating our own global version of the Charter, we choose to keep some of the subsections similar to those of the Canadian Charter such as equality rights, fundamental freedoms and more. Other sections we chose to add to our charter were things such as education rights and child rights. These were two of a few, that we added to our Charter because we felt that there were basic rights that every human should be guaranteed  Everyone should be able to walk around feeling with their held up high, completely free. While creating our Charter some of the issues we came upon were as follows; in both Jack's and my novel, we had several countries and global issues being discussed  In the end we decided to include as much as possible and talk about whatever we could fit in under a much broader umbrella. Later on, I was quite surprised to find out that a Global 'Charter' already exists under the name of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When I looked at this I found that some of the things that were discussed in this piece of legislation were also some of the things we chose to include in our document. This included things like basic equality rights against discrimination. That was one of the first things we added in our charter because we felt it was key as everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and walk around with high self esteem. This can only be done if they are able to walk around with no discrimination. Also the Declaration talks about how; "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." We also included this into our charter as we felt that every individual should have an equal right to enjoy life to its fullest. One thing we included into our charter was Child rights and associated with this education rights. We believe that all children should have an equal opportunity to education. All children should also be given the right to sustain life and create a bright future. Our charter protects these rights for children to be free from child labour and any form of mental or physical abuse. In conclusion, I was quite pleased to know that there is a Universal Declaration of Human Rights in place currently. Although it isn't enforced to its fullest right now, I believe that if we were to really put it into consideration and make an effort we could put a lot of what is listed under the Declaration into immediate action.

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