Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My thoughts on: The Sea Devil

The Sea Devil by Arthur Gordon was a commendable short story. With its oozing detail, Gordon was able to paint a very clear image in my head. Gordon chose to call the protagonist by "The man" with no determined name at all. I thought that the author did not designate a name to him or introduce him with too much detail to strengthen the idea that he represented all of man. Not just one individual specifically but all of mankind in general. Gordon chose to include a lot of foreshadowing in the piece as well. In the scene where the man cannot untie the rope from his wrist, this tells you that the rope is going to play a significant role in the story later on as it did. It was the key in what saved the mans life later on. I felt that the theme of the story fell along the lines of how important it is to stay calm and think with a clear mind, even in the toughest situations. I felt that this was the theme because even though the man's life was at risk, he chose to think with a cool brain and come up with an action plan. This was what went on to save his life later on. The author chose not to give you much insight on the protagonist and the setting in the exposition. All we knew about the setting of the story was that Gordon chose to set it in Florida in the 20th Century somewhere. The exposition was short and brief and it ended as soon as the rising action began. The rising action began when the man was on his boat and he was catching mullets. From that point, there were many bumps and turns until you finally hit the climax. The climax came when the man had to make the decision of whether or not he was going to cut the rope using the barnacle. This is because I was at the edge of my seat as I had many questions in my head about what was going to happen as you didn't know what turn the story would take after that. I had many questions revolving in my head as I wasn't sure about what was going to happen, whether or not he would survive. After this, the falling action began and soon reached the resolution. Which made it very clear that it was the end of the story. I found it to be description packed story with a lot of action throughout. Also I felt that it was well-written and had a good plot overall. 

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