Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Litspiration Challenge: Along for the Ride

Letter to the Character: Along for the Ride
Dear Auden,
            For one, I felt that you were someone that I could relate to well at times but at others, not so much. Auden, a name so different, a name so unlike any other.  “Memorable. And it can’t be shortened or cutified, which is how a name should be.” If you were an Ashley or a Lisa and not an Auden, do you think you’d be so special?” is a statement put forth by your dad. I thought that it was very powerful and it made it clear, what he believed in. He believed that a name was far more than a label. It represented who you are, and the qualities you would go on in life to possess. Your name is what makes you special and what defines you as an individual. Auden I also grew up with a name unlike any other. Haniya, my name the six-letters that define me and who I’ve become. While growing up I was sometimes teased, sometimes my name was mispronounced but that did not make me like it any less. I was somewhat confused about my name while growing up but that changed later on. Auden, from what I know about you, were raised to be unique. You were thought by especially your mother to go against the crowd and not only stand out but to do something worthwhile in life. This is something I found connected to me as well as I believe that it is not only important to dream, for me but also to achieve. It is important to find success in what you love doing. It is important to measure up to your standards and succeed if possible. These were some of the values and ethics that I was taught while growing up. Although I felt that through some areas I could really connect to you, there were others that I could not at all. You were a second child, whereas I was the first. I honestly cannot imagine what it feels like to be a second child, but I am sure it has to be somewhat different than being the first. “If Hollis was a big kid, I was a little adult, the child who, at three, would sit at the table during the grown-up discussions about literature and color my coloring books, not making a peep.” This uncovers how even as a kid, you never had the childhood of a regular child. You were expected to grow up too soon, since your parents were exhausted from taking care your brother, a rather difficult child. You were the grown up trapped inside the body of a kid, your parents always expected you to make the smarter of choices and stick to the right path even as merely a kid. You never experienced many full childhood memories that stick with you forever in turn. Later as the story progresses though, you did get the opportunity to make up much of what you missed. “It's still a memory worth having, even if it's not exactly what you imagined.” Is a quote from the book that basically says that a memory is worth a lot more than most people realize. So what if you didn’t get to experience all those things in your childhood. It’s the memories that matter more than the actual experience, as that’s all you're left with afterwards. Another quote said by you that really stood out to me was, “Life is full of screw-ups. You're supposed to fail sometimes. It's a required part of the human existence.” This quote stood out because I felt that it was really powerful and had a very deep meaning that went along with it. This is something I’ve always struggled on and I know that you have too, Auden. Life is full of mistakes and regrets. You just have to learn to look past them and never forget to try again if you fail. “The bottom line is, what defines you isn't how many times you crash, but the number of times you get back on the bike. As long as it's one more. you're all good.” It’s not always about how many times you fail, it’s about how many times you get right back up and try again. Overall, I thought that you were a very inspiring person, who I grew to look up to. Through your adventures and life lessons, I learned many things. Things that you learned as well as the summer progressed. Thank you for this, thank you for sharing such a commendable story with us.

I also made a visual out of all my favourite quotes from the novel! 

All of my favourite quotes from Along for the Ride.

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