Thursday, 24 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study: Post #1

Lunch with Lenin: Post #1

          While reading the first two stories of Lunch with Lenin, I was time in time again thinking about the impact drugs have on the lives of many. The major global issue that Deborah Ellis chose to uncover through this novel was drug abuse and the impact of this on various lives. I chose this novel because this is an issue I am passionate about and I believe that strict action should be taken to ensure that the use of drugs that is steadily climbing in our society, goes down. If possible it would be nice to see a change in the way our society works when it comes to drug abuse. Teenagers nowadays are beginning to rely solely on drugs to elevate their pain. Many individuals are forgetting the value of life and misusing it to the limit where it is now a major uprising issue. Although the stories are somewhat unlike I had imagined them to be, with rather subtle endings, I am still very keen on my choice. I am quite happy with my choice when it came to Lunch with Lenin, as I believe that it is a very powerful piece that has left an impact on me thus far. Another thing I really marveled at about the novel was the fact that it explores the broader idea of drug abuse worldwide. There are several stories such as “Pretty Flowers,” that expand on the idea that although you, yourself may not be impacted by drugs, other might be by certain choices you are making. In “Pretty Flowers” it explores the story of a family in Afghanistan that make a living out of opium, which is used to make heroin. Although this doesn't really impact them as it is just their income source, it does impact the life of many others negatively who in turn consume the drug. I think that your values and ethics that you grow up with and the company you keep determine the several paths you go on to take in life. In the first story, “Through the Woods,” Matthew, who is the protagonist, smokes along with his grandma. I believe that if your values and your roots are strong, you learn to walk the right path. Your family influences much of these values. What you have been taught ever since you were a child is what matters the most. Your values, beliefs and ethics define you as a person. Overall, I felt that it has been a very inspiring piece of work by a marvelous author. I felt that what she was trying to get out was something I connected really well with. It is a novel that I am looking forward to completing and sharing my thoughts with all of you along the way. 

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