Sunday, 12 May 2013

Individual Blog Post: Theme

 The theme statement that I thought Nancy Farmer was trying to get across to the reader is, Nature vs. Nurture: The influence of society on an individual’s personality. I chose this theme because I felt that in the novel, even after having the genes of El Patròn, it was Celia and to an extent Tam Lin who had an effect on the values and morals that were given to Matt. The things that El Patròn taught Matt were those to turn him into a carbon copy of himself, “You can tell how much someone loves you by the size of the present” (Farmer. 107) He taught Matt how to be greedy, selfish and the value of power over people. Celia, on the other hand was loyal, kind and loving to Matt. Although she knew that Matt was only loaned to her, Celia never forgot to show compassion towards Matt and she accepted him as a clone whereas others, such as the Alacráns, did not. “I love you more than anything in the world, never forget that. But you were only loaned to me, Mi Vida” (Farmer 12.) The values that Celia provided Matt with were reflected in the novel later on near the ending. Matt, after he because the supreme leader of Opium did not want to continue in El Patròn’s path, but rather dismantle the whole Opium Empire to create peace between the U.S and Aztlan. Furthermore, he wanted to free the thousands of Eejits that had been trapped in Opium under the wrath of El Patròn. Matt also cared for those who cared for him. I felt that this theme statement was also an abiding lesson for me as it told me that no matter what you go though, if the base of your morals and values is strong, you will always be able to make your way out and continue on in life with your head held high. 

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