Sunday, 12 May 2013

Individual Blog Post: Narrative Structure

          I felt that overall The House of the Scorpion was a great book that I mostly enjoyed. The exposition of the novel was really powerful because it was conscise and did not drag on forever. I felt that one of the major reasons this was, because the author had chosen to include a cast of character and a family tree, so she did not have to spend too much time introducing the characters and could get right into the rising action. I felt that the exposition also did a great job of explaining the setting of the novel as I could almost picture it. The rising action was somewhat slow because at times I felt that I was reading the same thing again but it was just formatted differently. There was parts of the rising action that did appeal to me and I felt that there many little bumps that managed to surprise the reader and keep them interested such as when Furball died. The climax did not draw me in as much as I felt that it became really hard to distinguish when it hit, as it did not leave a large impact. The climax occurred at the end of the chapter betrayal and throughout the chapter death as Emelia and Steven betrayed Matt and he was then dragged to the hospital for El Patron’s transplant. The falling action, leading up to the revolution which was very powerful in my eyes since I felt that it had the right kind of feel to it. It left me with the excitement of how the resolution would work out. The resolution came, as somewhat of a disappointment to me because I felt that there should have been more to it than there really was. Also I felt that the resolution left me with many questions that I wished were answered. The falling action really built up my excitement and hope for the resolution to be really grand and since this did not happen, I was utterly disappointed. Overall the narrative structure was well played out and it was clear that the author tried her best to reflect upon each part and really do justice to the novel. I really enjoyed the book even though it did have some flaws that could’ve been filled in.  

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