Sunday, 12 May 2013

Individual Blog Post: Film Study

I found that the two stories told in The House of the Scorpion and Gattaca, resembled a lot to an extent. This is because the protagonists in both were quite similar in terms that they both felt rejected by society and unloved by many. An example of this would be the words that the priest used to describe Matt that really stuck out to me, “An unbaptized limb of Satan” (Farmer 154.) I felt that the antagonist in the novel was El Patròn. He had a negative impact on the protagonist’s life. “I created you Mi Vida, like god created Adam” (Farmer 234.) The antagonist in the movie, were the circumstances that Vincent was born under and how society saw him, as an invalid. Because of his health condition, society did not enable him to pursue his dream, which forced him to resort to desperate measures. “I never saved anything for the swim back,” (Gattaca). This quote symbolizes that Vincent, did all that he could even though at times he knew what he was doing, wasn’t right to achieve his goal. Also, I thought that both characters had only a few people who they could look back at and trust. I felt that both characters were conservative and kept to themselves for much of the story. “Safety lay in silence” (Farmer 138.) This speaks as to how Matt preferred to be alone, as he felt safer as no one was there to cause him any harm. Vincent and Matt were both clones initially as they both “belong” to someone else and did not have an identity of their own in society. The only difference was that Matt was born as the clone of El Patròn while Vincent chose to be the clone of Jerome in order to succeed. I thought that the ending of both stories resembled a lot for the protagonists. This is because in the end, El Patròn and Jerome both died which meant that Matt and Vincent were no longer clones and they were actually accepted by society. “It means you really are El Patròn. You have his body and his identity. You own everything he owned and rule everything he ruled. It means you’re the new master of Opium” (Farmer 367.) The theme of both of the stories was similar too. The theme of the book was nature vs. nurture; the influence of society on an individual’s personality, while the theme of the movie was more around how society pushes you to make certain decisions in order to succeed. The movie reflected how society has a certain mindset about standards of perfection and how people have to meet that standard to succeed. But this isn’t always the case as no one is perfect and everyone has defects. I felt that Tom, from the novel and Anton from the movie were both foils to the main character since they were both quite competitive against the protagonist and this pushed them further in order to fulfill their mission. Also, both characters gave you a better view of the protagonists and their role. “It was the one moment that my brother was not as strong as he thought and I not as weak,” (Gattaca) is a quote from the movie when Vincent realized that even though he had flaws, he could still reach his goal if he pushed himself. I thought that there was quite a bit of resemblance in both stories as the two theme statements were almost identical too.

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