Sunday, 12 May 2013

Individual Blog Post: Characterization

Matt, the protagonist of The House of the Scorpion was a very dynamic and round character. This is because the author, Nancy Farmer, took the time to not only divide the book into chapters, but also, into different sections to represent the change that was brought into Matt as he grew up and began to understand the actions of others around him. A quote, by Nancy Farmer, helped me understand the antagonist of the novel as Matt realized his true purpose of existence, “so many hints! So many clues! Like a pebble that starts an avalanche, Matt’s fear shook loose more and more memories.” (Farmer 216.) The Antagonist of the novel was El Patron because even though he considered himself to be a good person, he had much of a negative impact on the protagonist. “If I was like Macgregor- a good farmer, but a foul human being- I would have had your brain destroyed at birth. Instead it pleased me to give you the childhood I never had.” (Farmer 232.) This came as a shock to me, as El PatrĂ²n did not care for anything or anyone else but still he considered himself a good person. “I created you Mi Vida, like god created Adam” (Farmer. 234) This told me that El Patron compared himself to god and thought very highly of himself. Also he thought that since he had created Matt, he had the right to destroy him whenever he pleased. El Patron, in my eyes was a static and round character because although we knew quite a bit about him, since he was the antagonist, change wasn’t brought into his character. Celia, another major character in the novel and the caretaker of Matt was a round yet static character. This is because we knew quite a bit about Celia but her character was consistent throughout the novel and did not change. Celia was one of the few people who whole-heartedly cared for Matt, Don’t cry Mi Vida. I love you more than anything in the world.” (Farmer 6.) Also she stuck with Matt through thick and thin and stood up for him again El Patron, “I gave you these things, Mi Vida. You... owe... me,” said El Patron and Celia replied with, “He owes you nothing” (Farmer 235.) Tam Lin was the character that cared for Matt as a father would. He was an oval and dynamic character, as we knew a bit about him but not enough to say that he was round. Also he was dynamic because Celia had an influence on him and she managed to shape him into a better person. Tom, anther major character in the novel was a foil to the main character. This is because they were both interested in Maria and at times Tom helped us understand the character of Matt more as they were both very competitive and did not like each other very much either. I thought at times since there were many different characters in the novel, it became hard and somewhat necessary to distinguish which ones were important. This is where the cast of characters because really useful and helped develop my knowledge of each character and their role further.

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