Monday, 15 April 2013

Individual Blog Post: Thoughts so Far

The House of the Scorpion

So far, I found that the book has been really great. It captured my attention in the first couple of pages and has managed to keep it throughout so far. Based off of the structure and main focus of the Novel you can easily assume that the author has set the book in the future with the overall setting of a country named Aztl├án which is now known to us as Mexico. The plot of the book really had me hooked as I felt that since the author decided to make certain choices in the beginning such as including a cast of characters, it was a lot easier for her to keep the exposition to a minimum and get right into the rising action. This was one thing I really enjoyed about the novel as it really considered the audience. Also I found that the overall topic that the book discusses is very unique, as I have not read anything like it before. What I disliked was the amount of characters in the novel because it did get a bit confusing keeping track of all of them. This is where the family tree and the cast of characters played a vital role. Matt, who by now I know is the protagonist of the novel, is a very interesting character and unlike any six-year-old I have ever encountered before. I found this because I felt that he had a lot of patience, strength and wisdom as a child. Also he tried to look for the positive even when there was nothing great about the situation he was placed into. Also a question that came up when I was observing and interpreting Matt as a character was that; Was El Patron also like Matt as a kid or are the qualities instilled into Matt there because El Patron choose to give them to him? The author chose to drop a lot of hints in the first bit of the novel as to why she had chosen to call it The House of the Scorpion which I thought was very interesting as you don’t really come across that in a lot of novels. Overall, so far the book has been really entertaining and I would encourage you to read it if you are looking to try something new! 

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