Friday, 8 February 2013

Litspiration Challenge: Books that my Character Would Read

Litspiration Challenge:

Book that my Character would Read:

Novel: The Fault In Our Stars
Character: Hazel Lancaster

Pandemonium- Lauren Oliver
Is a book about a teenage girl named Lena who decides to fight against the goverement for her rights and freedom

I chose this book as a book that the protagonist, of The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Lancaster would read because she is a strong person who likes to stand against what is right and what is wrong much like Lena in Pandemonium. Due to Hazel’s cancer, she has learned to look at the better side of life and follow what is right and fight for what isn’t

The Selection- Kiera Gass
 Is a book where there are 35 different girls compete to be selected for the Prince. The story is about an american singer who unlike the rest of the girls participating doesn’t want the crown. 

I chose this book to represent Hazel because unlike other normal teenagers Hazel is very unique because she does not have the normal desires that every 16 year old would. This is somewhat due to her cancer and since she was pulled out of school at a very early age due to her sickness but also because of her different personality. One example of this would be when she went shopping to the mall with one of her best friends, Kaitlyn she did not want to buy anything but instead she wanted to be left alone so she could sit and read. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosk
Is about Charlie, a freshman is just a mere wallflower and he is caught between wanting to live his life and to run away from it. All he wants is to be a normal teenager.

I chose this book because I thought that Hazel would enjoy to read this book since due to her cancer she also wishes to experience the life of a normal teenager. In the book hazel expresses her wish to be a normal teenage, “.” Also I thought that she would like to read this book because in the novel, her favourite book is An Imperial Affliction because she can relate to it, so I thought that she would like this book too because she would be able to somewhat relate to it.

If I stay- Gayle Forman
Is about, seventeen-year-old Mia who can’t recall any memory of her accident. She finds herself watching her own wrecked body after the accident.

 I chose this book that my character, Hazel would read because I thought that she would be able to relate to Mia a bit because a cancer patients life goes through that feeling of watching and seeing your own damaged body that is made out of cancer everyday of their life is relatable to what Mia was probably feeling. 

To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee
Is about Scout a 7-year-old girl who goes on a journey and unravels many different ideas such as racism. The book takes place in a small town known as Macomb. The book takes place in the 1930’s and resembles historical relevance during the 1930’s, as there was a lot of racism between the blacks and the whites.

I chose this book as a book that Hazel Lancaster would read because it holds a really strong and powerful message which would be understood by Hazel. Also Hazel could probably connect with the black people in the book because since she is a cancer patient, she is also treated differently by society due to her situation. Just like many people differentiated her due to her sickness, the black people were differentiated because of their race, which really wasn’t in their hands just like you can’t control or choose to be sick.


  1. I like this take on the "character playlist" that others have done. Cool idea.

  2. Haniya,

    This was a really original idea, and is the only one I have seen like it. I liked how you gave a short summary and explanation so we had a better understanding of why it was on your list. Have you read all these books? It looks like you have. :) Have you ever read a book that you think relates to Hazel's struggle in the Fault in Our Stars? Just curious, but have you read any other John Green books? I have heard Looking for Alaska is really good. :)

    I also read your reviews and you were obviously thinking deeply and the flow of the words. The quotes you posted a while ago were also very true and inspirational. Your posts are really great!

    1. Danika, Thank you very much! From the list above I have read all of the books, except for To Kill A Mockingbird which was introduced to me by a friend. I am working on reading Looking for Alaska and so far I love it!