Saturday, 3 November 2012

Book Review #3: One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies
Sonya Sones

Ruby, a fifteen-year-old teenager, is hauled all the way to L.A to live with her mega-famous father after her mother tragically dies. She finds herself being forced away from everything she loves including her aunt, her best friend, and her boyfriend, Ray. She is compelled to live with her father who she has never even met, as he is always too busy acting and trying to win awards. Ruby absolutely despises him since he divorced her mother before she was even born. Everyone wants to spend time with the famous Whip Logan, everyone but Ruby. As she becomes entwined in the world of glamour, she uncovers secrets that change her as a person.
One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies is an excitement filled book that I found very entertaining to read. Sonya Sones, has created an exhilarating story of a girl who is trying to put her life together again after having to cope with her mother's death. This book had me hooked through the first couple of pages and it held onto my attention until the very end. It reflects on what is important to a teenage girl, and how social issues impact the life of all teenagers. I felt that anyone who was undergoing the same thing as the protagonist could connect and relate well to the tale. The main theme of the book is social issues and how you should look for the brighter side of life even when everything around you seems dull at the time. I would recommend this book to an older audience due to the inappropriate content at times. Also people who are looking for an enlightening and fun read, and who enjoy reading about the impacts of social issues would love this book.

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  1. Good job Haniya on the well written, and descriptive words. I thought that you really like the book, as you went on to say that this book was amazing, I think that with this piece of writing, you can make anyone like, or at least read this book.