Saturday, 3 November 2012

Book Review #2: The Secret of Grim Hill

The Secret of Grim Hill
Linda DeMeulemeester

Cat, just transferred to Darkmont High and is already miserable. Everything seems so different here, no one seems to want to talk to her and her average in all her classes drops from an A to a C. Cat would give anything to go to the private school nearby. She is elated when she hears that Grimoire is offering a full scholarship to the team that wins the big soccer match. Once she makes the team, everything changes, it seems as if the whole town is under an enchantment. Nobody cares about anything but the soccer match. Cat makes new friends and soon people who used to ignore her, look up to her. With her newly gained popularity, Cat completely ignores her nerdy neighbor; Jasper when he tries to tell her that something is just not right about Grimoire. As secrets start to unfold, Cat explores a world she had never imagined existed.
The first book in a series of five, The Secret of Grim Hill is a trill packed book that is focused toward the target audience for ages 10-14. I really enjoyed the book because it kept my attention throughout and I thought that it was a wonderful book to read as it was jam-packed with action, mystery and adventure. The theme or the underlying message of the book was how different experiences in life change you as a person. I think that this was the theme because, after Cat’s encounter with mystical creatures, her hair is permanently streaked green as to indicating how change is permanent.  Author Linda DeMeulemeester, who grew up in BC, which is a very foggy place, was inspired to write the Grim Hill series from a forest nearby her house, which had an enchanting and dreamy appearance. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about mystery, adventure and fantasy.

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