Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Book Review #1: Change of Heart by Norah Mcclintock

Change of Heart

Norah McClintock

        Change of Heart revolves around a teenage girl named Robyn Hunter who’s very avid about solving mysteries. Things had already altered for the worse when, Robyn’s two best friends, Morgan and Billy break up.  Morgan who left Billy for popular Sean Sloane is traumatized when Sean is brutally murdered. Billy on the other hand is obsessed with getting Morgan back; so much that Morgan becomes convinced that Billy could have hurt Sean. Now Robyn must go out of her way to help her two best friends but she is confronted with a decision, which could change everything. Also as the book unfolds a shocking revelation is made; Is Sean Sloane really the person he lets on and leads people to believe he is?

Change of Heart is a book packed with mystery, crime, and a hint of romance. This book, by Canadian Author Norah Mcclintock, is out of a series with a total of 9 books. The book grabbed my attention and had me hooked through the first chapter. I found it to be quite interesting because there were many elements that appealed to me such as the fact that it had a lesson. The lesson that was well defined in the book was along the lines of how easy it is to be navigated off the right path by someone who makes you feel unique and wanted. Also I found the ending was really strong and met my expectancy level for the amount of surprise and trill that was present there. The two main themes that I think are evident in this book were love and friendship, because the book is all about the bond of friendship and how true love and friendship conquers all. The other main theme was the big mystery, which is when something unexpected happens, and it is the protagonist’s job to find out why. If you enjoy Nancy Drew books, by Carolyn Keene, you will undeniably love this series too. I would definitely recommend this book to people who relish mystery, crime, and, suspense!

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  1. Looking at these three first book reviews, it seems you like mystery/sort of sad books. Is this true? Well what ever the case, I have read one of these books, The Secret of Grim Hill, and it was one of the best books I've read. Out of all of the books you've done a review on, which one is your favorite? Like I said, I've only read one, but there are some of these I'd really like to read, such as "Why We Broke Up." These are good book reviews with lots of the literary elements included.

    Keep up the good work :)